Thursday, July 2, 2009


Haven't done much these last few days. A few sketches but haven't scanned anything. This is the final version of my collaboration with Spidey and Archerion. There's a couple of rough spots on each of our parts, but I really like it. I really dig where they went with Cygil's arms. The inks and the dirtiness in the colors really add a whole new element to it. I don't understand why Killswitch is pointing a laser into the sky though. I also don't dig the change of her hair from blonde/red to blonde/orange. I'd personally rather just have it all be blonde. But I don't mean to nitpick the other guys' contributions, they all did great.


  1. Shit yeah man, turned out great, me thinks. Seems like if we wanted to go color for any projects we'd have some people to turn to.

  2. very nice, sir. so did you have any part in the color aspect at all?