Wednesday, June 10, 2009

His backpack's got jets.

So I didn't post yesterday, but not because I didn't do any art. I started on this before work yesterday and finished it up around 4:30 today. It was quite an undertaking. It's 11x17 and it's for a drawoff on I'm pretty pleased with it. Hope you guys like it.


  1. Nice man. Everytime I try a sketchblog with a one picture a day requirement it usually ends with me either crying in a corner or pretending the blog magically disappeared. Much luck to ya!

  2. Nice job, dude. Excellent composition. I love this type of montage pic (check out the DVD for the original Beastmaster, shit is classic). Boba Fett's pose is great, one of those things that with one wrong line it would look totally whacked, but you nailed it.

    Congrats on the consistency of the blog. Most inspiring.